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My net product line is short and sweet. I mean you've either got a big fish or a small fish and the odd one in between so three sizes ought to do it. I suppose that you could be fishing from a boat so perhaps a long handled version would be useful too.

The Brookie The Grand The Steelhead The Boat Net
Overall Length: 20.25"
Hoop Width: 7.5"
Hoop Length: 13.25"
Overall Length: 23.5"
Hoop Width: 8.5"
Hoop Length: 15.25"
Overall Length: 27"
Hoop Width: 10.625"
Hoop Length: 18"
Overall Length: 48.5"
Hoop Width: 10.625"
Hoop Length: 18"
$115.00 $145.00 $175.00 $235.00
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This compact net will handle a fish upwards of 16 inches in length. I've used this net extensively where perhaps a larger net would have been better but the compactness and light weight make it easy to carry all day and it doesn't get caught in the bushes on that long walk in. This is my first design and definitely the most popular. This net will land fish up to 22 inches in length. The rectangular hoop is an overachiever when it comes to bringing a rowdy one home. For a "match the hatch" type of fishery the white net bag makes a fantastic insect seine. This net will land 30 inch fish with ease. You won't be "showing up with a knife to a gun fight" on any Great Lakes rivers if you're chasing fall Steelhead with this net on your back. This net is super tough yet light enough to carry for an entire day in the icy waters our Steelhead inhabit. The longer handle makes activities outside your gunwales that much easier and safer. Chances are you're helping land your fishing partner's catch and we all know that you won't hear the end of it if you should liberate the trophy catch. This net brings them home every time.

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