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Ensure that your net is thoroughly dried after a day of fishing. Leave your net out overnight in your equipment room if storing it in an enclosed space such as a storage bin.

Should your net bag become damaged, you can order replacements in the products section of this site. The replacement bag will come with the Dacron needed to stitch it to the hoop along with instructions for doing so. If you can tie a half hitch you can sew a net bag onto a hoop!

Fancy net

Warranty Information

People stumble and fall, car trunk lids and doors bite, and finishes wear depending on use and care. Due to the rough and tumble nature of fishing, there is no warranty against broken nets. Should you break your net in an unfortunate accident, send me a photo and I will give you a 25% discount on your replacement net plus shipping costs

This being said, if within one year of purchase your net delaminates along any glue line with no wood fibre transfer, I will replace your net free of charge, shipping included. The replacement net will have the same colour net bag as the original but the wood species may vary from the original net. I require the defective net be shipped back to me with a sales receipt for inspection purposes at your expense.

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