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Every net starts at the lumberyard where I select premium Canadian hardwoods: walnut, hard and soft maple, cherry, white ash, beech and white oak. Hoop laminates are selected for their straight grain and minimal grain run out to ensure a tough hoop. The handles are extra special because they are figured or unique due to their pigmentation.

The four pieces of wood which are incorporated into one net are grain matched for hoop strength and visual appeal. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and one of my favourite stages in net making is putting the various wood components together to let the wood "speak out". I can recommend that if you are tough on gear, a white oak or beech hoop is for you.

My nets are steam bent over forms and then dried on the same press.

Glue ups occur in another press using plastic resin glue which is 100% cold water proof and creep resistant. This glue is difficult to mix and relatively slow to set but it is the best glue for the job and I won't compromise.

Once the net is glued up it is a terrible looking mess and requires many machining operations before you would agree that there's a net there.

Once all of the machining operations are complete, the handles are then carved by hand. I believe that my sensitivity to materials at this stage of manufacture truly set my nets apart. I carve each net handle using age old tools and methods: drawknife, spoke shaves, rasps, and files. I find that this technique ensures a comfortable handle which highlights the fantastic figure which nature took so long to create for us.

I do go back to the machinery to final sand the net but it's back to hand work to pick up any little stand outs and nits in preparation for signing and finishing. I'm proud of every net that makes it this far and hand signing the handle sees a fitting way to endorse my workmanship.

The multi-coat finish is sanded between coats. The finish is left to cure and the handle portion is then buffed to a glow.

The brass eye in the handle is oxidized in an acid bath, neutralized and then waxed to give it a fitting authentic antique finish.

The nylon net bags are custom made in the USA by a longstanding supplier who provides flawless craftsmanship and materials.

Chances are that I've sewn the net bag to the hoop while watching the Rockford Files on DVD. We all know that Jimbo liked to fish with Rocky and I can't get enough of his Firebird move or his cigarette flicking sucker punch...

Finally your net has been carefully packaged and sent out for shipping ensuring that it will be pristine when it arrives at your door.

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